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  • For ticket dismissal and insurance discounts
  • Accepted by all courthouses across Texas
  • Approved by the Texas TDLR (license CP154)
  • The shortest defensive driving course in Texas allowed by the state
  • No hidden fees, no certificate charges
  • No final test - pass guarantee!
  • Disponible en Español
+$3 administrative fee, as required by Texas Code 1001.352
Ticket Dismissal & Insurance
An approved defensive driving course for everyone
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Dale Baum
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Found the test helpful to suss out the stuff I had forgotten about.
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Excellent customer service, a wonderful course, I recommend it 100%
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Excellent communication and this is a very trustworthy website. It is a secure page and they do their job well. Perfect contact and communication via email...10 stars. Thank you
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Excellent work 👏 👍 they are very good congratulations
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Professional staff and very informative course
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Excellent attention. Permanent disposition to clarify doubts and assist the client. I felt VIP
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I requested another course by mistake and they were very quick to respond and very kind, they helped me change the course, I definitely recommend them 100%
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Excellent care and immediate response
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For me this has been a magnificent experience.
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Excellent Course!! I loved the information, and the staff was also excellent 😉😉
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3 days ago
100% recommended, responsible and give you the information you need.
Rafael Torrealba
3 days ago
Excellent experience with NextdoorDriving.com, through this website I took my online course in Spanish and obtained my certificate. Their price is affordable and they are endorsed by the Texas DPS. I highly recommend them
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3 days ago
Recommended 100 percent, everything was excellent and very friendly. In my case I had questions and I sent them an email at 2:00 am and they immediately answered me and immediately solved my problem, 100 percent recommended
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4 days ago
Good 👍
Jesús Maneiro
4 days ago
Very good course, it came to refresh me on everything about traffic law. I congratulate you. Thank you very much.
Sujey Navarro
4 days ago
Excellent site to pass the written exam and complete the required hours
Edisbel Gil
4 days ago
I really liked the way the course was carried out, very practical, I recommend putting more videos of the examples of the slides
eglys vazquez
5 days ago
Excellent attention from the Technical support. enjoyable course to study and learn. Exam corresponding to what was studied, if you want to take the course
Trudie Mehrez
5 days ago
Thank you for the excellent service!
Adad Warda
6 days ago
Had a great experience with their service. Nice design, great interface, and the most important part - no technical issues or “forever loading” pages. I highly recommend them!
Guido Garcia leon
a week ago
I recommend it 100%, this course fulfilled my expectations, I learned a lot about traffic and signs and the best thing about doing the tests online
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a week ago
Excellent service. Easy, practical and productive. And above all legal.
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Very good understanding and learning to easily pass the driving test everyone should take advantage of it
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It has been very helpful and a pleasant experience learning with you.
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It was a wonderful experience, it was very useful to me since I gained a lot of knowledge, thanks to you.
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Excellent course 💯 recommended
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Complete your Texas defensive driving course online and never have to set foot in a classroom—unless you want to! Learn in a self-paced environment which is ideal for our busy lifestyles. All the tools you need to succeed, from videos to interactive activities, are right here on your phone or computer!
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Defensive driving you can trust
You are in safe hands. Our Texas defensive driving online course is fully approved and certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The defensive driving certificate you receive at the end of the course is accepted for ticket dismissal by all courts across the Lone Star State - from Austin to Houston and every city in between.
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Take the fast track to a spotless Texas driving record! Our student-focused program lets you complete your Texas online defensive driving course in the shortest possible time. Your defensive driving course comes with an online printable certificate that can be delivered within 5 minutes of completing the program.
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You will have access to the full suite of features and can fully enjoy this Texas approved defensive driving course. What if you realize that this is not the right fit for you, after all? If the defensive driving certificate has not been sent yet, you can request a refund and get your money back: there are no down payments, no obligations, no questions asked.
This is what you get with your Texas ticket dismissal course:

  • An online Texas driver safety course on driver safety approved by the Texas TDLR and accepted by all courthouses in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and everywhere else in Texas
  • A state-recognized printable defensive driving certificate delivered free of charge (you need this to show that you have successfully met the requirements for clearing a traffic citation)
  • An exceptional customer service team that is available to help you along the way.
  • Fresh, modern-looking course materials with recent statistical and legal data that reflect current technology and research.

Your Texas defensive driving certificate will be emailed to you as soon as possible (most certificates are sent out the same day the course is completed, and never later than the following business day) free of charge - no shady additional certificate processing fees, delivery expenses or state surcharges. For those who have a due date coming up - instant certificate delivery is also available so you can take care of your traffic ticket without delay.

Under the hood
Take a peek at what you'll learn with your Texas defensive driving online class

Know The Facts

38 minutes

Welcome to the Texas defensive driving course brought to you by NextDoorDriving.com!

In this course, you will learn crucial information regarding driving safety. Whether you are taking this course for personal reasons or you are looking to dismiss a traffic citation, it's key that you pay attention and spend ample time working on course materials!

Once you complete the defensive driving course you will receive a state-recognized certificate of completion. Some insurers can issue a liability insurance discount for up to three years to those who choose to complete the course voluntarily (that's typically around 10% of a discount, wow!). Please check the details with your insurance agent.

Traffic Laws and Procedures

1 hour 47 minutes

The second module addresses the key driving skills you will need to maneuver your vehicle safely and avoid conflict with other road users. When it comes to practical driving maneuvers like steering, backing up and signaling, the bulk of your learning is carried out behind the wheel; there can be no substitute for getting out there and putting these skills into practice.
However, getting to grips with essential driving maneuvers does require an academic approach, before you apply these skills in the driver’s seat. Studying the information in this module of your online defensive driving class will arm you with the theoretical knowledge needed to drive a car safely.

The Forces of Nature & Human Senses

30 minutes

Everything in the known universe is subject to natural forces like inertia, gravity, friction and energy. Your car is no exception, in fact, it relies on the laws of physics to operate. Without natural forces, your car would be unable to start, move, stop or change direction. The way in which your vehicle interacts with these forces is somewhat determined by its design. As the laws of physics are constant and unchangeable, you can use the knowledge of these laws to your advantage and your Texas online defensive driving course will show you exactly how to do so.

Your senses also play a vital role in the act of driving. We often take senses like hearing, smell and touch for granted and do not realize how heavily we rely on them to perceive and understand the roadway environment. The fact is that any sensory impairment – however minor – could leave you unable to drive safely. Learning how to deal with sensory impairments is an integral part of your Texas approved defensive driving course.

Hazardous Environments & Driving Emergencies

40 minutes

Unfavorable weather and road conditions can create hazards that make driving difficult, and more dangerous. Your best Texas defensive driving course teaches you to identify and compensate for these hazards, to protect yourself and other road users from harm. Of course, the number-one rule of defensive driving is to avoid unnecessary danger. Choosing not to drive in rain, snow or fog, at night or during any other hazardous conditions is always the smartest decision.

Your Safety Behind The Wheel

45 minutes

How to stay safe behind the wheel? This module of the Texas defensive driving answers this question. Defensive driving is a set of strategies that reduce the risk of sustaining property damage, injury or death, as a result of traffic accidents or collisions. The technique works by helping you to avoid conflicts and dangerous situations while driving. It also prepares you to deal with hazardous situations that cannot be avoided. Defensive driving recognizes that you cannot control the actions of other drivers and road users, therefore the only way to stay safe is to establish a strong position from which to avoid or respond to the mistakes of others.

Alcohol And Other Drugs

40 minutes

In a bid to reign in the number of alcohol-related fatalities occurring on our roadways, Texas has strict laws against driving while intoxicated. Breaking a drunk driving law carries severe penalties, which are designed to deter intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel. The last module of the court ordered defensive driving course covers Texas DUI laws, fines and penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know so you can nail your defensive driving Texas class
How much is defensive driving in Texas?

The price of this online defensive driving course is $24.95. This includes the course itself, your certificate of completion and your results being reported to the TDLR. There are no hidden fees, payments for certificate processing or other extra add-on charges.
When you’re shopping for a defensive driving class in Austin, Houston or anywhere else in Texas, be very mindful of what you are actually paying for. Buying a heavily discounted cheap defensive driving course online is not always the best choice as the price advertised by many schools is usually not the final amount you will have to pay to get your certificate of completion. Many schools use shady tactics to force you into paying more – you may have to pay an additional “certificate processing fee”, “state surcharge”, “certificate delivery fee”, or end up waiting for weeks to receive your certificate of completion via regular mail. Make sure you know what you are paying for when you sign up for the cheapest defensive driving in Texas.

How do I receive my Texas defensive driving certificate?

The certificate of completion will be made available to you once you complete the entire program and there are no extra charges for the service. Depending on when you complete the program, the certificate of completion will arrive either the same day, or on the following business day, at the latest. Instant certificate delivery is also available. As a modern school, we offer the online defensive driving course in Texas with printable certificate, so you will not have to wait until it arrives through snail mail.

How to submit defensive driving certificate to court Texas?

The first step to successfully submitting the certificate to court is signing it. Many students make the mistake of forwarding the certificate to court without a signature, however, most courts will refuse to accept the certificate unless it is signed by the student. This is the primary reason why defensive driving schools do not send certificates directly to court – without the student’s signature, the certificate is not valid.
Depending on the court that is processing your case, you may either email your Texas defensive driving certificate, send it via fax or regular mail. Some courts may even require you to bring the certificate in person.
If you were not provided instructions on how to submit the certificate, be sure to double-check this with the courthouse.

Is Texas defensive driving course for ticket dismissal only?

No, it is not. While completing the course can help you clear a speeding ticket or a different type of violation, many drivers choose to take the course voluntarily for an additional insurance discount. Completing defensive driving for insurance discounts is a great way to save money, considering the low price of the program and the fact that many insurance agents will provide a discount of up to 10% for as long as three years after the completion of the program. The defensive driving course practically pays for itself.

How often can you take defensive driving in Texas?

When it comes to ticket dismissal, you can complete the Texas defensive driving course once a year (every 12 months). Note that the court will not check your eligibility – it is your responsibility to ensure that you have not taken the course within the last 12 months. You can provide proof of this by submitting a certified type 3A driving record along with your certificate of completion (most courts will require you to do so).

How long is Texas defensive driving course online?

This is the fastest defensive driving course in Texas allowed by law and it takes 6 hours to complete. You do not have to do the entire course at once and can split it into as many study sessions as you wish – your course progress will be tracked automatically.

How to do defensive driving in Texas?

Taking a Texas online defensive driving course is very straightforward, but may require some preparation. When you receive a citation, you can expect the court to send you a notice with your options within 2-3 weeks. The notice will show whether you are eligible, provide you with a list of Texas state-approved defensive driving courses and set the due date for course completion.
Note that some courts set a due date for course completion, while others expect to receive the certificate by that date.
Once you have permission to take the course from court:

  1. Sign up for the online defensive driving class
  2. Complete your lessons
  3. Receive your Texas defensive driving certificate through email and print it
  4. Sign the certificate
  5. Forward the certificate to the court

You may want to follow up with the court within a week or two of submitting your results to make sure they were successfully processed.

What if I don’t pass the defensive driving test?

Our course comes with a pass guarantee and there is no final test at the end of the course, so there is no way for you to fail your defensive driving class! If you do not complete the course in time (and the certificate of completion is not issued), you are eligible for a refund.

What are Texas defensive driving requirements?

There are not that many requirements you have to worry about when considering whether you are eligible to participate in a Texas defensive driving course. Defensive driving is not available to you if you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or a commercial driving permit. You must receive permission to take the course from the court that is processing your case.
You can typically complete a Texas defensive driving class online or in a classroom for the following types of violations:

  • Speeding, going 25 mph or more over the speed limit
  • Failing to stop for a school bus
  • Committing a violation in a construction zone
  • Running from an accident
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