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Introductory course

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You get access to full, unrestricted functionality and can have your fun with the program. This will give you a chance to see how this California driver's ed course fits into your schedule and decide whether you want to continue. What if you realize that this is not something you were looking for (highly unlikely, but hey, we had to mention it)? You can simply discontinue the course: there are no down payments, no obligations, no questions asked.

The free portion of the course covers the first two modules of the program – “Driving is Your Responsibility” and “The Driver”. Every module is accompanied by a number of self-assessment quizzes that will help you gauge your progress.

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From this point on, you will take a deeper dive into the world of driver safety, California traffic laws, road signs and traffic regulations. This is what you get with your California driver's ed course:

  • A 30-hour equivalent driver's education course that is licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (license # E2067)
  • A state-recognized certificate of completion delivered free of charge (you need this one before you can take your California permit test)
  • Exceptional customer service to help you with the journey
  • Fresh course materials that don't look as if they were created before the Internet was invented

Your certificate of completion is mailed to you ASAP (most of the certificates go out the same day the course is completed and never later than the following business day) so you can visit your local DMV office and pass the permit test without delay.

Under the hood
Take a peek at what you'll learn with your California drivers ed program

Driving is Your Responsibility

2 hours

When all drivers have good practical skills, sound theory knowledge and a responsible attitude, the roadway becomes a safer place for everyone. With driver’s education, we can prevent the psychological trauma, property damage, injury, and death that all too often result from traffic accidents and collisions. The time and effort you apply to your studies here will save you a great deal of trouble – and could even save your life – when you get behind the wheel.

The Driver

3 hours

Are you fit to drive? Part one of this block covers the importance of answering this question. If any factor – such as poor health, physical injury, tiredness, emotional upset or intoxication – impairs your ability to drive safely, you must not get behind the wheel.

Within this module, you will also learn about the importance of good vision, hearing and how illness or impairment affects your ability to be a safe driver.

Natural Forces Affecting The Driver

1 hour 30 minutes

Everything in the known universe is subject to natural forces like inertia, gravity, friction and energy. Your car is no exception, in fact, it relies on the laws of physics to operate. Without natural forces, your car would be unable to start, move, stop or change direction. The way in which your vehicle interacts with these forces is somewhat determined by its design. As the laws of physics are constant and unchangeable, car manufacturers can use them to create stable, safer and more efficient vehicles.

Signs, Signals and Highway Markings

2 hours

Road signs, traffic signals and pavement markings are crucial topics in your driver’s ed program. Your knowledge of these traffic control devices will be assessed during the learner’s permit test and will ensure you can drive on our nation’s roadways safely, while abiding by the rules of the road. This section contains essential information about signs, signals and markings and should be used to support your learning, alongside the official California driving manual.

Traffic Laws

1 hour

All drivers must be well-versed in basic traffic laws, as failure to abide by them will create dangerous driving situations and may result in a fine, penalty or suspension of your driver’s license. Traffic laws are not open to interpretation; the law is the law and must be followed to the letter.

Essential Driving Maneuvers

2 hours 15 minutes

When it comes to driving maneuvers like steering, backing-up and signaling, the bulk of your learning will be carried out behind-the-wheel; there can be no substitute for actually getting out there and putting these skills into practice.

However, getting to grips with essential driving maneuvers does require an academic approach, before you hop into the driver’s seat. Studying the information in this module will arm you with the theoretical knowledge needed to start learning to drive a car. As you progress, we recommend returning to this section of the course regularly to check that you’re on the right track.

Causes and Costs Of Accidents

2 hours

To develop a responsible and safe attitude towards driving, you must first understand the power of your actions. While driving, a single action can set off a chain of events that leads to a crash or collision. Each driver acting or reacting within that sequence of events has the power to worsen the situation or move it toward a more positive outcome.

City, Rural and Highway Driving

2 hours

New drivers often do not realize what a challenge city driving can pose. You may not be traveling at high speeds when driving around a busy, metropolitan area, but you will nonetheless be afforded very little time to spot and react to hazardous situations. It is very easy to become distracted and make dangerous mistakes while driving alongside so many other motorists, pedestrians, buses, delivery vans and cyclists, in such close quarters. In this section of the course, we discuss the unique challenges that city driving presents and the tactics you must employ to manage these risks.

Driving In Hazardous Conditions

1 hour 30 minutes

Unfavorable weather and road conditions can create hazards that make driving difficult, and more dangerous. You must learn how to identify and compensate for these hazards, to protect yourself and other road users from harm. Of course, the number-one rule of defensive driving is to avoid unnecessary danger. Choosing not to drive in rain, snow or fog, at night or during any other hazardous conditions is always the smartest decision.

Sharing The Road

2 hours 30 minutes

You will share the road with many different types of road users – we are not just talking about other motorists. Vehicles and pedestrians are the two primary categories of road users that make up the Highway Transportation System (HTS). Bicycles, passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, slow-moving vehicles, and light rail vehicles are among the many types of vehicles included in the HTS.

Alcohol, Drugs and Your Driving Ability

2 hours

Drinking and driving is a serious crime. It is also one of the most stupid and dangerous things a person could choose to do. Driving safely requires sharp motor skills, plus the ability to think clearly, act calmly and exercise good judgment. Even when a driver does everything “right” they are still at risk of being involved in a crash or collision, as our nation’s roadways are inherently dangerous. If you get behind the wheel while intoxicated, the risk of injury or death you face under normal circumstances becomes a likelihood.

Your Vehicle

3 hours 30 minutes

Climbing into the driver’s seat for the very first time can be an exciting yet somewhat overwhelming experience. In this unfamiliar environment, you will be surrounded by controls, dials, switches, levers, lights and symbols. How are you supposed to negotiate all these gadgets, drive the car and pay attention to the road at the same time?

Your Driver’s License

4 hours 30 minutes

Every California resident needs a valid driver’s license to drive a vehicle on any public roadway, or to leave a vehicle in a public parking facility. If you are a new resident of the state who wishes to drive on California roads, you are legally required to obtain a CA driver’s license within 10 days of becoming a resident.

Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know so you can nail your drivers ed
Is this CA driver’s education course DMV-approved?

Yes. Our course is DMV-approved (License No. E2067) and meets all requirements for state-mandated driver’s education. Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion which the DMV will accept in support of your learner’s permit application.

How long does the driver’s education program take to complete?

Our driver’s ed course is equivalent to 30 hours of classroom study. However, you are free to work through the modules at your own pace. Diligent students may find it takes less time to complete the course, while those who prefer to work slowly may take more time to complete it. The important thing is not to rush and to ensure you fully understand the information.

How many attempts do I have to pass the course?

You have unlimited chances to pass. Our students are free to re-take the end exam as many times as it takes to hit a passing grade. However, our course is so effective that you have an excellent chance of passing first time (providing you work through each module and do not just skip to the end test).

Does the driver’s education course expire?

No. The course does not expire. Students are free to take as long as they need to complete it.

How do I get my certificate?

Your certificate will be mailed out to you within 24 business hours, once you have successfully completed the course. You will receive your certificate in 1 to 10 days, depending on your chosen method of delivery. We recommend choosing USPS Priority mail, FedEx or Overnight Shipping for fast and secure delivery.

You will not be asked to pay an additional fee for your Certificate of Completion as it is included in the cost of the driver’s education program.

Why choose online driver’s education?

Completing driver’s education online can save time, money and stress, because you will not be forced to travel to a classroom-based program. For this reason, our driver’s education course is popular among students with busy schedules who do not want to waste any time on commute.

The other major advantage of taking an online driver’s education course is that it allows you to fit your studies around your other commitments, and work in a way that suits you. Our students are not bound to a classroom schedule and can choose to work whenever and wherever they please.

Does this course include behind-the-wheel wheel training?

No. The course does not include behind-the-wheel training, as you do not need to take driving lessons in order to acquire a learners permit. Behind-the-wheel training is not part of California's mandatory driver's education.

Can I request a refund?

It is important to us that every student is 100% happy with the course. We will issue a full refund if you submit a refund request within 30 days of your purchase, if for any reason you change your mind about your purchase. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of your request being approved. We cannot issue a refund to any student that has completed the full course and passed the final test.

Does this California driver’s education course include practice tests?

Yes. There is a self-assessment quiz at the end of each section to help you gauge how much you have learned. There is also a final test at the end of the course.

Is there support available throughout the course?

Yes. Our team of driving experts are on hand to offer support throughout the course. However, the elegant, student-focused design of the program means that our students rarely encounter problems or require assistance. Rest assured that in the unlikely event you do need support, we are here to help.

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