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Texas Driving Record
Discover how to obtain and interpret your Texas driving record, including for defensive driving purposes – the ultimate guide for 2023.
Hardship License Texas
Learn everything you need to know about obtaining a hardship license in Texas in 2023. From age requirements, to proof of hardship, to the application process, and restrictions.
Impact Texas Drivers Program
A quick guide to the three courses offered under the ITD program: ITTD, ITAD, and ITYD. Eligibility requirements, costs, registration instructions and certificate details.
How To Get A Learners Permit in Texas
A comprehensive guide on how to obtain a learner's permit in Texas, including driver education requirements, the application process, necessary documents, restrictions and upgrading to a full driver's license for all age groups.
Texas Permit Requirements
A comprehensive guide that covers the age requirements, parental consent, education requirements, testing requirements, and proof of identity and residency needed for obtaining a permit in 2023.
Texas Learners Permit Over 18
Texas learners permit process can be a bit confusing, especially when you are over 18. Check out information on Texas learners permit requirements and additional resources, updated for 2022!
Record de Manejo de Texas
Cómo obtener e interpretar tu record de manejo de Texas, incluyendo para manejo defensivo y eliminación de tickets. La guía definitiva para 2023.
Legal Driving Age in Texas
Learn about the legal driving age in Texas and the steps you need to take to obtain a driver's license in 2023. Restrictions, qualifications and shortcuts.
Texas Learners Permit Over 25
Obtain your Texas Learner's Permit with ease by following our step-by-step guide. Learn about the requirements, restrictions, and benefits of having a learner's permit when you're over 25 in Texas.
Texas 3A Driving Record
Reduce fines and dismiss traffic tickets in Texas with a Type 3A driving record. Requesting the record online, by mail and in person. Process and fees.
Record de Manejo 3A de Texas
Elimina tickets de tráfico en Texas con un record de manejo tipo 3A. Mira cómo solicitar el récord en línea, por correo o en persona. Proceso y tarifas.
Licencia de Conducir Provisional en Texas
La licencia provisional en Texas es la Fase 2 del programa “Graduated Driver License” (GDL) y te permite conducir por tu cuenta, aunque con algunas restricciones. El procedimiento para conseguir tu licencia de conducir de Texas provisional está diseñado para que todas las personas interesadas puedan acumular experiencia y demostrar la capacitación necesaria para manejar un vehículo en las calles y carreteras sin dificultades.
Permiso de Conducir de Texas
Un permiso de conducir de Texas es el primer paso del proceso para conseguir una licencia de conducir si eres adolescente.
Tipos de Licencia de Conducir en Texas
Conoce los diferentes tipos de licencia para conducir en Texas. Alcances y limitaciones de las clases existentes. Citas y requisitos para tu permiso de manejo.
Tipos de Licencia de Conducir en Texas para Adultos
Si te estás preguntando qué necesito para sacar la licencia de conducir en Texas, aquí puedes ver un breve resumen del proceso de solicitud de licencia de Texas para adultos, aquí tienes toda la información que necesitas
Programa Impact Texas Drivers
Con un enfoque en la conducción distraída y el objetivo de salvar vidas en las carreteras, el programa Impact Texas Driver es uno de los elementos importantes de la educación vial.
Applying for a California Driver's License
AB 60 is a law that allows California residents to obtain a driving license, even if they cannot provide evidence of their right to reside in the United States.
California Permit Test 2022
You must be at least 15 ½ years old to take the California permit test. In addition, you must have completed and passed a state-mandated driver’s education course (this does not apply to those over 17 ½ years old).
Moving to California
If you are moving to the Golden State. you will need to transfer your out-of-state or out-of-country driver's license. This applies to new California residents but not people who are considered to be ‘visiting’ the state on a temporary basis.
California Driver's License Renewal at the DMV
You may renew your driver’s license at any point during the 60 days prior to the point at which it expires, or at any point after that date. If you allow your license to remain expired for a prolonged period of time, you may be required to re-take DMV tests.
California Driving Test
If you are under 18 years old, you can take the driving test once you have passed the permit test and practiced driving for at least six months, under supervision.
California driver's license
All California residents who would like to drive a vehicle on public roads are required, by law, to hold a CA driver’s license. Minors must first complete drivers education and pass all necessary tests to obtain an instruction permit (also known as a learner’s permit) first.