Minnesota Practice Permit Test 8

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80% Passing score
20 Questions
4 Mistakes allowed
Interested in obtaining your Minnesota drivers license in 2023 and dont know where to start? Reading the official DMV drivers manual is the way to prepare for the knowledge test used by thousands of people, but is it really that effective? The manual is long, boring and contains many subjects that will never be on your Minnesota permit test. The alternative? Prepare for the DMV written test with a fun interactive Minnesota Practice Permit test! We have carefully selected 20 questions and answers that reflect most of what you will encounter on the real exam! All of the questions are multiple choice, with three to four answers provided, just like during the real DMV knowledge test. Dont know answer to a question? Every question comes with a hint and a detailed explanation, so you can learn and prepare for the permit test in no time! Our Minnesota Practice Permit test is free, needs to registration and requires no payment, so go ahead and start right now!