Washington DC DMV Evaluation Test

4.7 out of 5 (87 votes)
80% Passing score
10 Questions
2 Mistakes allowed
Thinking about obtaining a Washington DC drivers license? This Washington DC DMV Practice test is your first step! A quick and easy evaluation practice test that contains just 10 questions on traffic rules and road signs to show you where you stand right now. All of the questions were selected by professional driving instructors and reflect common questions that you may expect to encounter when you show up to take the official Washington DC DMV permit test at your local DMV office. A score of 90% or higher is what you're shooting for, but even if you are able to hit the mark the first time, what's to stop you from taking a few more Washington DC DMV Practice tests to confirm that you are really that good? Every practice test is free and can be taken as many times as needed to pass, with each test presenting you with a new set of Washington DC permit test questions and answer. Being 100% FREE, requiring no registration and taking just a few minutes to complete, this Washington DC DMV Practice test is the best free DMV Practice test in the market!